Dispill Blister Pack

Dispill Packaging is an excellent solution for patients who have multiple medications that must be taken daily at different times of day. This easy-to-manage packaging system used with the attached Medication Review chart makes it easy for clinical coordinators and loved ones to help manage a patients’ medications efficiently.

SureMed Monthly Pill Packaging

The SureMed Monthly Pill Packaging solution is another great option for patients with simpler medication needs that are taken together once a day. These medications are packed with great care and each Package contains 31 days of medication, making it easy for patients to remember if they took their medication today.

A key aspect to providing services to clinical agencies is our 24 hour pharmacist availability. We understand that you have many people under your care and being able to reach our pharmacists when you need them is important. We strive for excellent care for long term care patients with complex regimens who need a pharmacist to assist.