Dispill Packaging Services

Dispill Packaging is an excellent solution for patients who have multiple different medications that must be taken daily at different times of day. Our Pharmacists provide the patient's prescriptions in this easy to manage packaging with attached Medication Review Reports to make it easy for clinical coordinators to help manage a patients medications. The easy morning, lunch, dinner, bed time collums make it very simple for patients and aids to provide the correct medication at the correct time of day.

You can trust the accuracy from Franklin Park Pharmacy because each Dispill packaging is filled by one of our amazing Pharmacists and double checked before it goes to the patient.


SureMed Monthly Pill Packaging

The SureMed Monthly Pill Packaging solution is a great option for patients with simpler medication needs that are taken together once a day. These medications are packed with great care and each Package contains 31 days of medication, making it easy for patients to remember if they took their medication today.

A key aspect to providing services to clinical agencies is our 24 hour availability to reach our pharmacists. We understand that you have many people under your care and being able to reach our pharmacists when you need them can help you excel at providing the best possible care. We strive for excellend care for long term care patients with complex regimens who may need a pharmacist to consult.