Free Health Screening

Providing blood glucose testing and blood pressure checks for our patients care.

Prescriptions Savings

We offer the lowest cash prices on generic drugs and automatically apply available coupons to brand name drugs to give you the lowest price possible.

Free Home Delivery

Free Local Home Delivery

Getting to your pharmacy to pick up your prescription drugs can sometimes be a hassle. Franklin Park Pharmacy makes this unbelievable easy with our free home delivery for our local Toledo, Sylvania and Temperance customers. If you find it difficult to make it to the pharmacy you will find this service to be exactly what you need.

See Our Selection of OTC Medicine

At Franklin Park Pharmacy we make sure that we stock many of the over the counter medicines and medical equipment you need are available here for your convenience. We focus on medicine and health here at Franklin Park Pharmacy so you can find the products you need for your personal health and well being.


Our large selection of over the counter medicines available

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It is time for you to work with a pharmacy that treats you like you are important and more than just another name in the computer. There is no risk in calling to find out if there is a better solution for you. Come get taken care of the way you deserve.